Sunday, December 5, 2010

Aux Trois Mailletz in Paris

Near Notre Dame in Paris, is a Cabaret/Piano Bar/Restaurant called Aux Trois Mailletz. I had been there a few times having met the owner Jacques, and asked him if I could photograph with my 8x10 camera and make platinum prints. He would get copies of any good images.

I photographed on two occasions. One image, called the 'Song of Paris' was a double exposure of 1/4 second of a singer, with a double exposure of a panorama from the top of Monmartre. I took 12 shots in the club, and used 6 to double expose. One worked perfectly.

The second image is also a double exposure of two singers. Each one was a seperate exposure of 1/4 second, and they matched up as if they were singing together.

Both images were printed with platinum and palladium metal salts on Cranes ecru paper S116,