Saturday, June 20, 2009

Upon returning from Istanbul for a public health congress, a copy of the May Royal Photographic Society Journal was on my desk. I had met the publisher of the Journal in Arles, France at the Recontres d'Arles during portfolio reviews. The cover was my first stage 'Day for Night' photopolymer gravure. The article and cover can be seen at:


larry elkins-elkinsphotos said...

Gary,I just came across your blog and wanted to connect. It's been a long time since we talked. I' Larry Elkins down in Bisbee. A lot has been happening with me. I retired from couunty government about two and a half years ago. I had the opportunity of going on a photo excursion in Ecuador in May and have plans to go to Thailand next February. I have a website and a blog site elkinsphotos bisbee. I'd love to hear from you. LARRY ELKINS

Gary Auerbach Platinum Photo Blogs said...

Hi Larry,

I did read your blog entry a long time ago..and didn't respond. Glad to hear you have been traveling and enjoying yourself. Took a quick look at your some of your nudes, vanity', and portraits and ecuador....think you should do more close up portraits, you do them wishes, thanks belatedly ....Gary

larry elkins-elkinsphotos said...

GARY - I appreciate your comments, particularly as I will take your suggestions while taking portraits during the Asia trip. I was in Tucson over Christmas and had the pleasure of photographing the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun for a show i'll be doing at the BizzArt Gallery in conjunction with a show at the Bisbee Council on the Arts & Humanities 'DeGrazia - The Bisbee Years' featuring approx. 20 EdGrazia originals. In dealing with portraiture, I always keep in mind your portraits of Native Americans. I am flattered that you like aspects of my portraits in light of the fact that I consider those portraits of Native Americans to be some of the finest portraiture I have encountered over the years. Thanks again for your comments. Best regards. LARRY