Sunday, January 3, 2010

A photopolymer gravure from a color digital image

As a photographer shooting film and processing using platinum metal salts and photogravure, it is only in this last six months that I traveled abroad with my 8x10 and a small canon G10 digital. I did capture one image of a gargoyle 200 steps up Notre Dame de Paris (impossible to do with my 8/10). I then used PS to transform the color digital image to black and white using color channels, printed a transparency on pictorico film, made a photopolymer plate, and printed it in gravure using carbon black printers ink. Enclosed is the positive image produced.


christian said...

Hi Gary - so great to see this and your explanation. I think you posted it on flickr a while ago and called my attention to it. I just posted a Cyanotype I did with a digital negative from my G10. To me there is a great future in doing alternative photography with digital negs from digital cameras!

Best wishes for the New Year!!!!


Gary Auerbach Platinum Photo Blogs said...


I have liked your work since I first saw it. Just visited your site....water, women and palmetto....very nice. I agree with you that digital allows for the creation of an enlarged negative that is probably a lot easier for more people than the old litho films were in a wet darkroom.

For me, digital is very limited. Easier for me to shoot big, develope correctly, and print.

Thanks for visiting and have a great new year....Gary